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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  March 5, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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about how many teams may have been involved. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. there is a lovely shot of the sunrise this morning sun is already up, as it is coming up straight up 7:00 a.m., monday march 5th, 2012 good morning i am tony perk kins. >> i am -- perkins. >> i am allison seymour. nice shot makes you want to get up and out there. he has a look at temperatures you will meet. >> good morning everybody don't be fueled by the sunshine, cold temperatures as well and guess what a little snow in the forecast south, and southwest of the city already moving in there is a live look at your radar. culpepper, fredericksburg, that is light snow shower activity shaded with our clipper system moving on through over the next several hours not a long duration event but could be enough snow as you get
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southbound towards fredericksburg, enough to coat the ground and light accumulations in spots. the bigger picture, all with a clipper system racing west to east remember the system from a couple weeks ago it will stay south of washington this time the northern edge of the snow shower activity will likely make it to washington we will likely see snow showers around here lasting through the midday hours and then quickly start to taper off here south and east during the afternoon. all right met me mention cold temperatures regan national 32 degrees humidity 61% cold enough for light snow, we will see that in your forecast the 5 day just because i want to give you a bonus, 45, nice warming trend toward the middle of the week more details on that coming up. let's do traffic julie wright has been busy all morning. >> some problems out here on the roads accident activity pulled to the shoulder,
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travelling eastbound 66, 234, crew in sky fox checking out the drive east of fair oaks, lanes are open but grid locked traffic as you head in towards vienna, no problems to report, leaving braddock towards 66 back inside update the ride northbound, 95, crash here in the hov lanes, that has cleared. delays still with you, prince william parkway to 301. headed out towards duke street outer loop of the belt way, around the georgia avenue, all lanes open. all right thank you our top story this morning a dispute over dog waste turns deadly. >> police say the suspect stabbed a man walking his friend's dog, fox 5s. melanie alnwick is live at police headquarters, good morning. >> reporter: good morning dc police quickly identified and arrested the suspect charging
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56-year-old culvert with 2nd degree murder this happened 10:00 a.m. in the morning sunday, robert wright, 37-year-old victim was walking a friend's dog along the 3800 block high wood drive southeast dc wright allegedly allowed the dog to defecate on culvert's yard they then argued dc police say wright was fatally stabbed neighbors including a council woman are stunned. all live on my block so i know them well it is just a tragedy no matter what you just don't resolve any conflicts you know in that matter i don't know what ensued, like i said i know the victim, or the suspect quite well soy don't know what triggered this onset of violence but it is a tragedy for both families. culvert has been described as a campaign worker for council candidate, he said he
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does know culvert he is more than 100 neighbourhood volunteers and clarified to say that culvert did not have a decision making or leadership roll in his -- role in his campaign. melanie alnwick thank you. now to some other top stories we are following this monday morning wrongful death lawsuit brought by the parents of two students brought in the virginia tech rampage headed to trial jury selection begins where school officials will be asked to explain their actions the day a gunman opened fire killing 32 people then himself this happened on the campus back in april 2007, the parents want an apology for what they call botched efforts by the university to alert students after the first two killings happened. allison, prince georges county police arrested a man for trying to get away from a police officer during a traffic stop after he slammed his car into a metro bus and two other cars it happened at the dc border in suit land the officer was trying to pull the man over
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but the driver fled. after he hit the bus and cars he got out and ran but police officers were able to catch him. six people were hurt. none of them seriously. new details on a hit and run in laurel, police now have a vague description of the man that hit a pedestrian, route 198 wednesday the crime was captured on a metro bus dash cam. police say the driver is a hispanic man in his 20s driving a white pick up truck the victim remains in hospital has not been identified he is a white man between 50 and 60 years old anyone with information is asked to contact police. big story this morning tornado aftermath many communities just beginning to pick up the pieces in indiana and kentucky are now seeing snow and rain. 39 people have been killed across five states in the south and midwest. the latest victim is an indiana toddler who passed away after
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being taken off life support last night rescuers are looking for any more potential victims in rural areas many communities are working to restore cell phone service, electricity and internet service. branches of the american red cross and our region have not been called in to help those tornado ravaged states yet but ready to go at any time so far red cross chapters closer to the effected states have been able to cope with the need for shelters but damage assessment teams are still analyzing what is needed there. one need is mental health workers. a lot of the people that were hurt by this tornado, saw horrific images, you know, their houses might have been destroyed, people they know might have been killed or severely injured mental health workers from the red cross are available and talking with them. >> should our local red cross trucks and staff be needed they could be rolling in less than half a day allison. thanks this mornings other
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big story playing out at the white house president barack obama is meeting with the prime minister of israel. as doug luzader reports. >> reporter: this is getting tricky for the white house now with the president hoping tough talk about iran will buy him some time. the president obama and the israeli prime minister netanyahu have met before but never with stakes so high iran seems to be edging closer and closer to developing a nuclear weapon. yesterday the president was greeted warmly at a meetling of apec american israel, public affairs committee. >> when it comes to prevents iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, i take no options off the table i mean what i say. >> reporter: that hard line is more complicated than it sound it is last night the white
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house wants is to be dragged into a war with iran. economic sanctions if given a little more time will dissuade nuclear ambitions, netanyahu's patience is gone >> i very much appreciated the fact president obama reiterated his position that iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons and that all options are on the table. campaign trail is providing even more pressure. >> republican presidential candidates are battling one another but on this point they seem unified in their attacks on the president. >> it is pretty straightforward in my view if barack obama gets re-elected iran will have a nuclear weapon and the world will change if that is the case. >> reporter: there is potential danger in waiting too look to act if force is required to take out iran's nuclear program the longer we wait, the more difficult that task becomes in washington doug luzader fox news. the political endorsements
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keep pouring in over the weekend the second ranking republican in the house threw his support behind mitt romney, eric cantor of virginia said romney is the only candidate who has come out with quote a bold pro growth pro jobs plan for the future. romney and ron paul are the only candidates on the ballot in virginia. polls open 6:00 a.m., tuesday is also the same day voters in nine other states head to the polls in all 419 delegates are up for grabs so far mitt romney has won 203, santorum 92, gingrich 33 and ron paul has 25. while romney leads in the delegate count, santorum isn't convinced romney is the guy that can beat obama in november. as for romney he continue to hit the campaign trail hard he
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spent sunday at a rally in knoxville. what i want to do is not to transform america, into something we wouldn't recognize, but i want to restore to america, the values and principals that made us the greatest nation in the history of the earth. romney and santorum are making last minute appeals to residents of ohio where polls show a neck and neck race ohio is considered the biggest prize because no republican nominee has ever become president without winning that state. santorum has a slight lead there. allison. dcs primary is a month away but if you want to, today is the deadline to register. santorum failed to file the necessary paperwork. there are roughly 30,000 registered republicans in the district. four incumbent council members.
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marion barry, could be a delegate to the democratic convention in charlotte north carolina. officials are still counting ballots from this weekend's caucus as of last night 75 ballots still needed to be counted. time now 7:11 a.m., 32 degrees on monday morning still ahead remembering a presidential look alike who passed away over the weekend. >> after days of public insults, rush lick bag offers apology -- limbaugh offers an apology to a georgetown student. a former red skins defensive coordinator in the hot seat for running a bounty program in new orleans that paid players to knock opponents out of games dave ross is back with what football fans are talking about and the investigation this morning. as we head to the break a live lookout side, not a bad looking start to the day but could be some snow in the
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making headlines, rush limbaugh apologized over the weekened for calling a georgetown law student excuse my language a slut. sandra fluke testified on capital hill about the need for students to have contraceptives needed in health plans. he attacked her calling her a prostitute, saturday he did apologize to fluke, despite the apology, a second advertiser has pulled his ads from limbaugh's show. >> i could be home asleep, little bernie curled up at my feet but no. >> this guy was amazing a
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presidential impersonator who mimicked, george w bush alongside the real commander and chief. steve bridges was best known for his appearance with president bush back in 2006 he was just 48 years old and appears to have passed away from natural causes. >> too bad. >> it is. >> he was incredible. >> really was that was amazing and president bush showed great sympathy letting him do that with him very very sad news. all right. better news? >> interesting news. >> on the 5 day forecast if you like snow great news. >> most people i am running into now say to me we need a little snow come on. >> might get a little bit. >> march 5th aren't we over it for this year? >> we will not give up until officially spring. >> hd radar, a little clipper system bringing snow to parts of the area. off to the south and west the main event here is the deal it
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will stay generally washington and points south, cull pepper and fredericksburg. might get some measurable snow. when all is said and done maybe an inch or two southern maryland, columbia, earl cot city, frederick, just clouds for you as this system will stay very very -- just to the south we will not see snow off to the north, bigger picture again quick moving clipper, not a lot of moisture to work with. it will all be out of here by early afternoon, it might be an intense burst, between 9 and 11 and quickly start to taper off and we will see sunshine by 3, 4 today, high temperatures expected to be in the 40s anything that does get a chance to stick will get a chance to melt on the sidewalkroadways, we just saw pictures out of charlottesville they are getting snow there. not sticking to the roadways but area roof tops. winter weather advisories,
7:18 am
south and southwest of the city, charlottes burg, fredericksburg, winter weather advisory. we will likely see snow showers by 9, 10:00 a.m. this morning. don't be shocked your 5 day, 45 this afternoon springtime by thursday, near 70. >> really weird, today 45 maybe snow springtime. >> march. tucker thank you so much. all righty let's go to julie wright see if she packed her bags over the threat of a little bit of snow >> you got that right i put the flannel sheets back on the bed last night. observing the roads right now -- on the roads, right now southbound 270, lanes open, out of rockville headed for the lane divide slow traffic approaching and passing, 124, again the lanes here are open, no problems to report, travelling northbound i-95, earlier accident activity route 1, virginia as you work your way up towards the occoquan, mainline, express lane from
7:19 am
dale city heading north, 395, heading northbound, towards seminary road, all the lanes are open as well. top spot of the belt way, outer loop, college park headed to sill very spring down to 16 miles per hour. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right julie thank you. more fall out to come in a bounty scandal in the nfl. >> dave ross has more on that and other sports headlines. >> >> i didn't think we would be talking about this on monday morning you know the weekend just showed up but really a story that has legs sadly here in dc because craig williams now the defensive coordinator in st. louis used to be the defensive coordinator in new orleans and before that here in dc. the question now, how exactly long has this been going on this pay for injury program a bounty system he admitted to doing in new orleans, matt bow when who is a safety here in dc
7:20 am
under greg williams said yeah, we used to do this here as well. phillip daniels still with the red skins said he was paid for four sacks he had against dallas, fine line pay for incentives go out and get a sack turn over, that sort of thing pay to injury and carry a guy off a field is another story whatsoever. greg williams and saints when they played brett favre, they took out brett favre, he didn't go out of the game tough guy they injured his ankle, he said that's football that is just the way it is the players don't seem to be that upset about it but i think the general fan base when they hear the extent this is going on they are kind of stunned i think that is what you are finding out the true culture of the nfl inside that locker room is very different maybe from the public perception i remember guys in the 80s used to have towels on their jersey with numbers and would cross them out as they knocked them out of games this has been going on for decades it will be very interesting to
7:21 am
see what roger goodell and the punishment he has for greg williams we have been asking fans on facebook what do you think. >> chris says part of the game that is a big deal it needs to end. safety of course is at a premium. ramona says it is football but wrong to intentionally hurt some body these people go to college just to be football players. interesting point. >> on twitter at fox 5 ross. people chiming in all morning about this, i think he is going to get the full season suspension he promoted the opposite of what the nfl did on safety, from marco homes they will let him have it we really don't know what the commissioner will do there has never been a rule that says you can't do x so do you punish a guy for finding out about a system that wasn't against a rule that was in place? do you go back now? see what i mean or now set the rule and say if this happenings again -- happens again the punishment will be y.
7:22 am
>> there has not been a rule in place that specifically says you cannot play a player for injuring or knocking another player out of a game. >> no, probably would have been understood but the fact they didn't have it written down at all i guess you could go to your union. >> that might factor in. >> absolutely >> i am with the facebook writer who said it is probably going to be a full year suspension i think at least that. >> wow i tell you what if they suspend greg williams a whole year they will have to look at a lot of other teams and find out what they have been doing. i am not saying it is okay but they have been looking for guys like greg williams, they designate and target quarterbacks each and every week. just the life of the nfl. >> thank you gave ross. >> talker for sure. >> it is. >> 7:22 a.m. on monday morning, bp may have avoided a trial with victims of the oil disas inner the gulf but the -- disaster in the gulf
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but the saga is over. >> dunkin donuts new slam dunk next. all that and more 7:23 a.m.  [ female announcer ] off limits?
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welcome back, 7:26 a.m., shares in bp rose 2% following news they reached a settlement with victims of the deep water horizon. bp agreed to pay 6 .8 billion dollars to people effected by the explosion and spill in the gulf of mexico. it covers most claim. >> dunkin donuts and baskin robins expanding in asia. the face will be that of lebron james. the agreement will last 2 years
7:27 am
worth at least a million dollars james will promote brands in china, taiwan, india, south korea and will make personal appearances after his season ends in june >> i am sure it is more than that. >> it is a million dollars. >> now 7:27 a.m. on monday morning still ahead, princery heads to the be -- prince harry heads to the bahamas. tough warnings from president obama. going in depth next. >> another live lookout side clouds beginning to build in after a very nice sunrise earlier. weather and traffic from tucker and julie stay with us we will be right back l an ordinary breakfast pastry
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there are 6 former winners competing, the winner gets $50,000 plus a new truck >> i don't like that. >> i don't know the dogs look all tired >> they love it. >> do you promise? >> yeah but again. >> a thousand miles. 8 days in freezing cold, $50,000 a truck. >> at least the first group had booties on the dogs. >> yeah running in booties. >> little pink booties. >> did not see that. >> seems that would be a debtriment. >> not to them with their frozen paws. you say they like it i am going with you. >> they looked happy to me. >> okay. >> let's check in on day 6. >> yeah. >> an accomplishment if they make it around here. >> what do they get? >> extra bowl of food yeah. all you can eat. >> got that right. >> numbers a little band of
7:32 am
snow moving through over the next couple hours. you know what it will not be a major deal but we haven't had any minor deals to talk about last couple weeks. interesting. >> i think it will it will be very beautiful in an hour. >> 34 now washington 20s north and west north and west of the city you don't need to be concerned with this clipper system you might see a snow flake up towards gaithersburg. dulles, but south and west and down into southern maryland you will be in the bulls eye with this one moving on through here during the last couple hours very fast mover, clouds moving in after a nice sunrise green and white on the map that is rain and or snow shower activity and generally, falling snow south and west of the city down towards charlottesville, and culpepper, you are now seeing snow flurries enough snow to coat the ground in charlottesville already. race to the east all out of here as mentioned early afternoon but there will be little band here, just in the
7:33 am
vicinity of fredericksburg south of fredericksburg, an inch or two because of that our counties including orange county under a winter weather advisory. washington i think we probably will see, at least a little snow shower activity here, by 10, 11:00 a.m. this morning. if you are headed down 95, towards richmond there could be slick spots enough to coat the roadways and grassy surfaces. sunshine by afternoon this will be a quick mover your forecast today, lots of clouds around chance for that snow rain mix that will be south of the city, just far enough north even here in washington, at least some snowflakes, instead of snow showers by late to mid-morning. we will do that later today when the sun breaks out. cold overnight, below freezing, 30, yeah, hard to believe it is march. if you want springtime to return i promise it will wednesday and thursday, back
7:34 am
into the 60s near 70 by thursday. this winter weather will be a long forgotten memory by the middle of the week that is weather let's do traffic and julie has your latest. still slow going. >> unfortunately around town we started off with an accident outer loop of the belt way, the accident is cleared average speed here new hampshire avenue, 15 miles per hour as you travel westbound 495, working towards silver spring accident to report 295 before the 11th street bridge, left side of the roadway, blocked off at the scene inner loop, travelling from andrews towards route 5 accident activity reported delays from alan town road slow traffic on the inner loop of the belt way as you work your way 95 springfield towards 66 down to an 18 minute commute as you travel up the west side that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. can we flip the prompter. all right in just a few hours president obama will meet with israeli prime minister netanyahu at the white house
7:35 am
the topic iran's nuclear program over the weekend president obama said he will not hesitate to use force when necessary to defend the united states and its interests joining me to talk about the latest the coexecutive director of the center for world religions, citizen diplomacy and conflict resolution at george mason university. >> you mastered the name by now. >> yeah, the longest title of any guest we have here. let's talk about the meeting today the president sounded tougher yesterday than he has been sounding. um, what is the tone of this meeting likely to be between the president and prime minister? >> the meeting yesterday with the speech president obama did yesterday, a little bit about the meeting to day he was welcomed warmly in apik something not necessarily expected. however, his tough stand on iran, got him a lot patience and therefore the meeting today
7:36 am
with prime minister netanyahu will be a good meeting still differences. israel will still push for an early strike on iran as we heard yesterday, president obama said that is not something the u.s. is interested to do at the moment. still a place for diplomacy he doesn't think it is time he doesn't hesitate to use it in future. >> how open -- i shouldn't say how open do we think israel will be open to delaying things longer to let these international sanctions kick in and have an effect. >> israeli government doesn't see it as an expressed interest it is either if there is a strike in iran it should happen sooner than later however it is also constrained by there being american decisions there will be negotiations happening however there are some people who believe israel might actually strike iran. which would be rather amazing. in some ways if israel does that, let's say they take
7:37 am
military action without u.s. support you know because the u.s. isn't happy with the timing of it what does that do to u.s. israeli relations. >> that happened before it is not the first time it happened with iraq nuclear attack and did it on its own and didn't hurt the american israeli relations this time, it is a little more complicated because how much does it put american soldiers in the gulf in harm. depending on the iranian response, many believe it is not going to be a harsh response it will be very contained. if an attack on american soldiers can prove costly then the u.s. relationship would not be good after that. with the president indicating yesterday and in an interview he did end of last week with the atlantic magazine with the president indicating that military action is an option even for the u.s., sit just a matter of time before
7:38 am
there is in fact military action. >> there is a belief within the u.s. administration obama administration it is still too early there is still a diplomatic way to move on, especially with what happened recently with north korea. north korea is more radical in some ways with iran and they were able to reach some agreement that is scaring israel they don't believe iran will be in the same direction but you are also looking at complications in the region the region in the middle east is very unstable at the moment and you have the straight of hormuz and the possibility of gas prices going really high we are in an election year, a war can be devastating to president obama now looking better in the election so he doesn't want the prices of oil to double or triple if the straight of hormuz is closed. if the nation goes into war, they sold weapons to azerbaijan
7:39 am
recently, you have a lot of complications. how long might it take for sanctions to have a desired effect? >> at least -- it is starting to take an effect you can see some effects on it on the iranian regime but will take a couple more months at least to start kicking in, how much will the iranian regime be effected themselves is still a question because, normally it is people who get effected by it when people get effected by those sanctions they stand with the regime against outsiders that is also likely to happen if a strike happened on iran the green movement who stood against the current government they will side with their government they will feel outside attack >> i suspect we will have you back again to talk about this and see how the meetings at the white house go today. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> allison back to you.
7:40 am
>> 7:39 a.m. 34 degrees on a monday morning a baltimore teen found dead the latest on this investigation coming up next. popular book series coming to the big screen cast of the hunger games is on a nationwide media blitz but will they stop in the dc region. first time for today's my fox half off deal $12 for two tickets to washington home and garden show at the washington convention center you can see the newest products and home decor, kitchens baths outdoor living and more, just go to our website click on my fox half off link
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making headlines disturbing discovery in baltimore police say a group of children found the body of a 13-year-old girl hidden under trash bags, behind a home. this happened on cliff view avenue northeast baltimore, police are calming the death suspicious -- calling the death suspicious the girl has not been identified. >> sad end to an amber alert in new mexico police believe they have found the body of a missing 4-year-old in a deep narrow well in the neighbors
7:44 am
backyard. samuel jones went missing saturday afternoon detectives sent a camera down the hole and confirmed a child was down 30 feet. temperature and oxygen levels show no signs of life. police say there appears to be no sign of foul play. britains prince harry is in the bahamas he has been touring central america and the caribbean as part of the diamond jubilee the third in line to the british throne will head to jamaica and meet one of the faster men alive. he will give the prince a few pointers what it is like to be a world class athlete. perhaps the prince will give him a few pointers what it feels like to be royalty. >> and well dressed at every moment >> he always has nice uniform. nice trip. >> third in line will he ever see the throne?
7:45 am
with his crown? >> how long has prince charles been waiting? 50 something years. not a bad life. we have action to show you, facebook fan, tammy anderson reporting snowfalling in virginia, creeping north and east, you know what, here in washington we are likely to get snow showers or snowflakes at least close to washington by late morning see the darker grey off to the south and west that is where the snow is falling hard enough to accumulate i was just putting the radar through its motions and we are already talking about a quarter to a half inch in charlottesville yeah, so i know that is south and west headed down 29, route 95 headed south, next couple hours it might be touch and go for your morning hours by afternoon it will all be out of here future cast i will show you what will be happening a little clipper system rolling through notice most of the snow shower activity expect to see just south of washington 10:00 a.m.,
7:46 am
that sort of prime time around here, snow showers just get far enough north of 66 and right through the district and then very quickly fades off to the south and east by 1:00 p.m., by 2, 3 we will be back in the sunshine quick moving when all is said and done a sweet spot where there could be an inch or two south of the city as you get towards fredericksburg, further south and west, culpepper an inch or two as well your 5 day forecast things get notably warmer by the middle of the week highs thursday, 70 degrees, those of you who don't love snow hang in there in a couple days you will be celebrating springs arrival. >> don't skip over wednesday 62 and mild is nice too. >> what is 62 when you can be 70. >> you are right >> i am trying >> i am with you nice rest of the week. >> very good. >> hey, julie wright she is here keeping an eye on the morning rush hour traffic. >> the only reason why i am here is because of wednesday and thursday. >> but okay yeah, you are right. and of course you guys.
7:47 am
>> thank you. >> all right on the roads right now you will find lanes are open southbound 270, even making the trip along 32 headed over towards linden church road average speed, down to 18 miles an hour, headed towards 29 all lanes open southbound 270 looking good out of hyatts town average speed, shady grove road, lanes open 295 headed towards the 11th street bridge. accident blocking the left lane before you commit to the bridge headed across the anacostia. coming inbound traffic will slow at 410, land over road, 23 miles an hour expect delays from alan town road that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> hunger games fans and there are many of them have a few more weeks until the movie comes out but the excitement has started crowds lined up at a los angeles mall yesterday for the kick off of hunger
7:48 am
games american mall tour it will span 8 cities giving fans a chance to see the movies stars and ask them about their favorite characterses there are no tour dates scheduled for this area. >> maybe that will change. >> maybe we are close enough people can travel. >> to one of the others. >> putting a spotlight on dcs international community. >> here is something i have not been able to say for a long time our holly morris has more about this year's embassy chef challenge good morning holly. >> good morning. >> reporter: great to see you great to be with everyone this morning and it is wonderful for me to be live this morning, at the ambassadors residence of hungry. forget the hunger games it is about the the embassy chef's challeby cultural dc we are starting in a hot spot look at that. this ambassador knows people i will tell you all you need to know to come out and be part of
7:49 am
this fourth annual event. stay with us how did this small colorado town get
7:50 am
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cultural tourism dc is dishing up their fourth edition of the embassy chef challenge this thursday. holly morris is at the residence of the am bar door of hungary. >> while i am doing this can you call my house and check if my child still loves me. >> i will check on hay din. >> you check on him and i will be a working mom this morning i am glad to be back and glad to start here as you said at the ambassadors residence of hungary. what a treat to be here and introduce you to the executive director of cultural tourism dc good to see you. >> nice to have you back >> i can't believe this is
7:53 am
already the fourth year for this event. >> isn't it fabulous, it moved along embassies are thrilled to get their chefs involved, we think it is the hottest ticket in town >> i think it is and that is testament to the fact that it is a good idea. we want to show off where we are. we are in the dining room. remind people how the whole embassy chef challenge works. we have had these great chefs in our community no body ever gets to taste their food so the opportunity really was to say let's get those chefs who are world renowned chefs, working in the embassy making meals for fabulous people we all think we are fabulous people. >> we would love to have that opportunity as well. >> chefs come in, prepare a top chef event which takes place about two weeks ago and they are judged by celebrity chefs at that opportunity those scores are put together then we all get to come together, this
7:54 am
coming thursday night, at 7:30 p.m., ronald regan building we have this opportunity now we get to vote as well there is a people's choice and the chefs show case, who they are what they do and tell us a little bit about their country because, on thursday night what they are preparing, hour do you evers from their down -- hours did he evers from their country. >> most importantly this is a fundraiser for cultural tourism dc which enables you to do all the wonderful programs throughout the year >> it does and really helps us lead into passport dc coming up in may when we open this year, 43 embassies, on may 5th and another 28 on may 12th. >> i am sure i will see you in
7:55 am
may. when we preview passport dc welcome to the kitchen of the ambassadors residence. i want to introduce you to the chef of the embassy of denmark. good morning. >> good morning. >> what is more important he was last year's winner. so quickly what are you making for us this morning. >> traditional danish lunch dish it is lox cured salmon i have already prepared something, because it is a 3 days process. >> wow. >> but i will show you how to cure it now. i have a piece of fresh salmon and i have some sugar, salt and some of this >> as you do that our time is going quickly i want to watch you do that since you won last year you are a judge this year so pressure is on maybe even more as a judge. >> yeah. >> what are you looking for in the winner. >> creativity, and good flavour and just a chef that has fun.
7:56 am
>> why lars needed to be one of our first guests what does your day look like today? >> i have a breakfast reception and dinner. >> yep >> you better go work you can leave this. >> thank you. >> thank you very much here is what you need to know about this year's embassy chef's challenge thursday march 8th, 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., ronald regan building we have a link if you want to find out more since we are in his home his excellent is he ambassador from hungry will join us to talk about -- hungary will join us to talk about what he eats for breakfast >> i wasn't able to get through i suspect thomas might be busy with haydyn. >> that does not come my fears. >> the phone kept ringing and ringing. >> you haven't heard any emergency trucks. >> no, it is all good. all right that wasn't
7:57 am
helpful. >> sorry. >> coming up next hour, how to change your life starting in just 60 seconds. a motivational speaker and author joins us with her story. >> with the election year heating up google is tracking all the trends on the world wide web that includes most viewed videos ahead of super tuesday why results could be an indication what is to come on the campaign trail we will be right back save them.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
this morning clean up continues in the midwest as the death toll from this weekend's tornadoes continues to climb. >> president barack obama is meet being israel's prime minister at the white house, tensions with iran near a boiling point. today is the last full day of campaigning before the very important super tuesday contest, we will take a look how google searches could give an indication who is really the front runner. fascinating stuff there. i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour some viewers are getting a little
8:01 am
white stuff after all this time tucker barnes is joining us now with some of that after waiting and waitling. >> -- waiting and waiting. >> still wintertime. >> some times we get a little white stuff in march looks like this might be it if you like snow enjoy the next couple hours this might be it chef. >> you are right. i will show you the radar and let you know katherine harris brown reporting snow started at her house 10 minutes ago there you go, a lot of this touching the ground if you look carefully, that is more intense in the darker greys. so we are getting a little band pushing up close to 66 towards manassas and north of fredericksburg. i think even in washington we are likely to see a few snow flurries or showers. just south of the city here, this will be a quick moving system, all be out of here by
8:02 am
early afternoon could be accumulations particularly south central virginia. the bigger picture sentinel sat rad a clipper system will mix or at least try to change over to rain showers low eastern shore, southern maryland that would hold down your snow totals as i mentioned there will be just enough moisture, there could be enough to coat the ground maybe in a few spots an inch or two, down towards 29, charlottesville, where there is a winter weather advisory we will clear out and see partial sunshine and cool temperatures right now, washington 34 degrees, humidity 59% pressure falling as that system approaches from the west, clouds start your day cool temperatures, clear it out temperatures in the 40s later this afternoon we could see 1, 2 inches of snow across central virginia. is this one of the snows where it is snowing it could come down fast and furious and look like oh, my goodness what is happening.
8:03 am
>> could be moderate bands of snow next two hours. >> thanks tuck. me or you. >> you. >> julie wright good morning to you ma'am. >> thank you very kindly miss allison. >> we are fighting over you. >> i love it. >> on the roads westbound 66 check this out behind me, this is a tractor trailer some how got stuck leaning over to the side. heavy duty tow truck on the scene. just west of the belt way, it is causing a slow down travelling west to 495 again heavy duty tow truck trying to move this out of your way. back to the maps, we will map problems out for you travels eastbound 32, down to 15 miles per hour approaching linden church road out of gaithersburg headed down to rockville. accident activity gone, 295 before the 11th street bridge
8:04 am
average speed down to 25 miles per hour. julie thank you a new violent attack in iraq a gang of gun men killed 25 police officers in a shooting rampage. the attackers were wearing military uniforms and driving cars painted like official vehicles it started when gun men stopped at a check point they took cell phones from the guards then shot nine before kidnapping two commanders from their homes and hoisting the battle flag of al qaeda. three attackers later died in the shoot out with police. prime minister of israel visit it is white house in a few hour it is big issue on the table will be iran specifically, benjamin netanyahu will define what lines israel must not be allowed to cross. yesterday, president obama told
8:05 am
a powerful israeli meeting that there is too much loose talk of war. in the race for the white house, we are just a day out from super tuesday. ten states will hold republican primaries or caucuses tomorrow including virginia, according to the latest poll on the republican nomination from real clear politics mitt romney has a 9 point lead sorry 9.4% lead, meantime ohio is considered the biggest prize because no republican nominee has ever become president without winning that state. right now rick santorum has a slight lead there. >> quick reminder for voters in the district today is the last chance to mail in your registration forms or change your party affiliation before the april 3rd primary. newt gingrich, ron paul and romney are on the ballot, four incumbent dc council members face primary challenges including marion barry all are
8:06 am
democrats. meanwhile democratic leaders will not know until later this evening whether marion barry will be a delegate to the party's national convention this summer. the dc party held a caucus over the weekend and a partial count shows he will likely be a delegate at least 75 more ballots must be counted results could effect the outcome who could represent the district. democratic leaders hope to count remaining ballots from saturday's caucus by tonight. search continues for more victims of the severe wait inner is south and midwest. the -- weather in the south and midwest. twisters wiped out entire towns and leveled homes and businesses across 5 states the death toll rose to 39 this weekend when a toddler passed away. >> reporter: residents across the midwest and south continue to assess heavy damage suffered from last week's tornadoes this is one of the latest victim as
8:07 am
15 month old indiana toddler died the vicsame tornado that killed her parents and two siblings she was found alone saturday in a field after she was swept up by that tornado she was discovered in the dark in a field suffering from serious head injuries. the little girl passed away after her grieving extended family, turned off her life support. from indiana and kentucky, through ohio and alabama and georgia, homes and businesses were crushed, cars and buses were tossed about and roads were left clogged by downed trees and power lines st. francis x avenuier church in indiana suffered damage but was able to host mass for a full house sunday. >> we came over the hill and saw the steeple was here we know the church was still here that to us was a symbol and also, a sign of god as people of faith that god is going to carry us through this. >> indiana senators took the time to tour parts of henryville to get a first hand
8:08 am
look at the devastation. >> i know a lot of people made courageous decisions at an instant of time that saved lives, so we are thankful for that. >> here in east kentucky residents say this is the first time they saw a tornado that didn't bounce along the mountain top it hugged a hillside and caused all this damage that tornado has been ranked as an ef 3 with winds 165 miles per hour, east burnset kentucky. >> shocking story out of southeast dc where a fight between a man walking a dog and a homeowner, turns deadly. police say the suspect was angry over the dog allegedly using the bathroom in his yard. fox 5s melanie alnwick is live at police headquarters where an investigation is under way. good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison people who know the suspect, 56-year-old culvert say he never showed signs of violence they can't imagine what should have been a simple dispute, evolve into murder.
8:09 am
it was 10:00 a.m. sunday morning when 37-year-old robert wright was walking a friend's dog along the 3800 block high wood drive police say culvert approached him and accused him of not picking up the dog's waste in his yard the men argued and culvert fatally stabbed wright both men are known in the neighbourhood. culvert is a volunteer for the ward 7 council campaign. >> he is very active in the community everyone around here knows him he comes to all the meetings very passionate about the community so he has a relationship with a lot of people in the neighbourhood people are shocked we all are, i talked to people all over hill crest and we are just very very shaken by the news and it is just unfortunate. he did go on to say that while culvert has been described as a campaign worker he is in fact a volunteer one of more than 100 neighbourhood volunteers that he has working on his campaign, and he said he did not have a leadership or
8:10 am
decision making role, illsworth culvert is charged with 2nd degree murder. it is coming up 8:10 a.m., now on this monday morning today, former red skins defensive coordinator, greg williams will meet with nfl investigators. >> he has admitted to running a bounty program more on the scandal when we come back stay with us ♪
8:11 am
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so gross...i know. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. nfl investigators are meeting with former assistant coach greg williams today he admits he ran an illegal bounty program while in new orleans that awarded players with pay outs for knocking opponents out of games he worked with the red skins, titans, bills, and jaguars, former red skins players said they did participate in similar programs here in dc no punishments have been handed out yet but could include suspension fines and loss of draft picks for the
8:14 am
teams involved. serious business. >> it is that is a big story. we will hear more and more in the days ahead. >> meantime 8:13 a.m., let's head over to tucker barn s with the forecast and the cuteness good morning. >> good morning allison. it is time now to get down to business my first 5 photo of the day, and everybody, what a beautiful smile this is trenton. >> hey,. >> you can tell from the size of the basketball and motion of the hand, he will be turning 2 next month. >> super cute. >> he really is already started with the basketball. >> looks like he has a nationals hat on there. >> little outfit on so cute. >> so trenton i was just like you he loves throwing any type of ball, absolutely any maybe a snowball? >> oh,. >> perhaps he will be able to do that today >> i don't know where you are but if you are in the right part of the viewing area you might be able to play with the
8:15 am
snowballs later today. see what happens. all right, go to click on mornings to submit your child's picture have a great day and let's get to the forecast thanks. i thought you guys were going to help me out i could see we were moving on. >> there is your radar, showers, approaching south and west darker greys where the more intense snow is falling south and west of fredericksburg, culpepper a little band of snow likely reaching the ground and another band crossing 66th west of manassas, out towards front royal all that will be moving through the immediate washington area. really washington and points south over the next couple hours, we are not talking about large accumulations particularly here in the city, prince georges county ann arun dell, not much but get to
8:16 am
southern maryland, your accumulations will be a little more impressive, maybe an inch or snow maybe enough to cover grassy surfaces. >> clipper system moving on through it will all be out of here by early afternoon this will not be a long term event we will see sunshine later today and it will be cool brisk high temperatures expected to be in the 40s. let's look at the winter weather advisories not here in washington does include spotsle vain yeah and orange counties, winter weather advisory accumulations could be 1 to 3 inches, the sweet spot just south of washington. your 5 day forecast, 45, warming to 50. lookout springtime returns by wednesday and thursday, highs on thursday near 70 degrees. good looking forecast for the middle of the week julie wright has been busy what is going on. >> i have been right now still dealing with dry pavement a good thing we have a couple problems to discuss if you are
8:17 am
travelling westbound along 66th, coming in from the capital belt way working your way westbound, towards nutly the accident involved this tractor trailer, leaning to the side a heavy duty tow truck came and got it up on its wheels. expect delays leaving 495 we have problems to report coming south on 270, still tied up right now in gaithersburg as well as rockville headed southbound down to 21 miles per hour leaving shady grove road the outer loop of the belt way remains slow, heading inbound on 50, down to 26 miles per hour 202 headed into northeast washington right now 50 out towards pennsylvania avenue a 5 minute trip as you work in towards southeast washington inner loop of the belt way, travelling between springfield and 66, inner loop, crowding the right lane that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you rush limbaugh apologized after calling a georgetown law student a slut, but it is not stopping more
8:18 am
companies from abandoning his radio talk show, pro flowers is the latest advertiser to pull commercials, limbaugh called the woman a prostitute after she testified on insurance coverage for birth control. it is one of the debates on conservative social values over shadowing economic concerns in this year's race for the white house. is the legislative branch of the federal government over stepping into issues that belong before the judiciary branch controversy over birth control access continues to rage in congress should issues, concerning violations of religious freedom be settled by the supreme court instead. joining oceanus, constitutional expert, also the associate dean at american college of law thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> this is a big old issue the first we question wanted to ask is this being handled in the correct branch of our government. so far it is.
8:19 am
the supreme court said historically the free exercise clause, what so many folks are up in arms about protects ability of individuals to free the exercise of religion if you have a law of general applicability, and neutral law of general applicability, so far this has been playing out in congress only and not the courts because the courts instant is laws like these don't implicate the free exercise clause or squarely exercise the free exercise clause. >> this is stemming out of the health care legislation put in place by president obama in 2010 does that give it a platform to be looked at at this branch and not the supreme court if you will. >> for now obviously there is another big case as we know, coming to the supreme court but if you see the contraception coverage as part of the larger goal of congress, which was to
8:20 am
lower the cost of health care for everyone provide access to health care for everyone i see this as one piece of a much larger puzzle as opposed to a specific effort by congress, that is not the case what in fact is going on administration is saying here is how this general rule, designed to reduce costs for everyone, especially for women who are contemplating the possibility of pregnancy, how does this general rule effect religious institutions the law exempts houses of worship and even for religiously run hospitals and universities, the law says we won't make those churches pay we won't make those universities and hospitals pay we will make the insurance companies pay if that is the position the argument will be that doesn't substantially burden religious practice. >> is this in your opinion, does this infringe upon religious freedom? >> you know it might marginally infringe on religious freedom
8:21 am
the supreme court is careful to say we will tolerate marginal inferentialment on religious freedom d -- inen frommeningment on religious freedom. we will run into the establishment clause which forbids the government from favouring religion in this contest i think that is a tricky dance the congress, the president always has to walk in the area how do we protect religious freedom without going to say we value religious freedom. just as a casual viewer of what is going on, not even an interviewer, talking to you today, my question becomes if this bill just says that you can offer birth control not that you are forced to offer birth control, is there a fine line there or something not said, that the administration could say we are not forcing you to do this just allowing people who work under you, you
8:22 am
know where is the line gets blurry. >> administrations point is just that. the administrations point is that we are not requiring any individual to consume contraception all we are saying for religiously run hospitals and universities if you have employee who is would like to pursue contraceptive devices and medication you should require the insurance companies to cover that part of the administrations argument is there are lots of studies that show in fact contraception is cheaper than carrying the direct and indirect effects of carrying an unintended pregnancy to term. it is not going to cost anyone more money if that is the case the question is who is actually hurt here how is anyone being required to do any thick that interferes with their -- anything that interferes with their religious practices. come back and see us. >> i would like that thanks
8:23 am
allison. it is 8:22 a.m. on monday morning big problems for a big airline over the weekend more on that when we come back then, we are all excited today because holly is back from maternity leave. today she is checking out the embassy chef challenge. >> no more buns in the oven right now. >> very good. safe for another week >> i wish i said that 
8:24 am
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8:26 am
it was a frustrating weekend for passengers on united airlines some discovered their flights no longer existed many others were unable to print boarding passes online all related to the merger of united and continental airlines this weekend, united switched over to continental's reservation system the airline says overall the transition is going very well. >> really. >> despite all that i just said. >> howard university students are hanging up their swim suits to pay it forward instead of heading to spring break more than 300 students are reeling in donations to help struggling cities across america for the students annual service project this year's project is called alternative spring break
8:27 am
students say they are excited to give back. >> you know, i feel like this is a great opportunity, like a once in a lifetime thing to go out and you know see something you have never experienced before. alternative spring break program is sending students to six areas of need that young lady is headed to new orleans next saturday to help tutor children effected by hurricane katrina. >> good stuff. now 8:27 a.m., today is the last full day of campaigning before the very important super tuesday contest. >> up next how google searches could indicate who is really the front runner stay with us good morning, john. good morning? this is an angus steak and egg sandwich. it's a tremendous morning. angus, man! angus! dunkin's new angus steak and egg sandwich makes any morning special. try one today. see lioutdoors, or in.ight.
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i'm drinkin' dunkin'. definitely dunkin'. you know, i need to get that jolt in the morning, but i want something good to do that. i love the aroma, i love the taste. you can't mistake the flavor. i run on dunkin'! america runs on dunkin' coffee. all right it is 8:30 a.m., right now here is tucker barnes with some interesting weather details. >> yes, still winter time guess what we have snowfalling across
8:31 am
parts of the area, generally dc south there might be enough to coat the ground in spots, maybe an inch or two,. >> that is different. >> that is different. >> 5 day forecast different too. it is all going to be out of here by early afternoon, quickly, a clipper system but just enough energy, and just cold enough it is falling in the form of snow there you go there is your hd radar and i want to point out a couple feature it is lighter whites you see that is snowfalling from the sky i am not sure that is touching the ground southern maryland, waldorf, la plata you are probably not seeing much or maybe you are. get into the greys here see the greys off to the west of washington that is enough snow to reach the ground and the main event here will be south of the city, generally washington might get snow showers or a few flurries here next couple hours generally, south down towards fredericksburg that will be the sweet spot culpepper and southern maryland, low eastern
8:32 am
shore, where in some spots there could be an inch or two of snow the roadways are warm, coats the ground here as we get into the late morning as this system continues just racing east and to be honest i think we will be back into the sunshine by afternoon. future cast want to do it real quick for you 10:00 a.m. this morning, indicating light snow showers dark or purple, and then it all fades off to the south and east by noon and we will be looking at sunshine by 4:00 p.m. today, it will be a quick moving event just enough to coat the ground in some spots during the morning hour here is your 5 day back into springtime. highs thursday very warm, 58 degrees, hang in there, spring is just a couple days away tony back to you. as we have been telling you as you know super tuesday is tomorrow, and google is getting a handle on what voters are concerned about now and which candidates are getting the most online hits, regionally and nationwide joining us now from
8:33 am
new york city, abbey, with google selection team good morning to you. thanks for joining us this is fascinating to me first of alltel us how google is tracking the candidates and the trends for this election cycle. well, thing about it people across the country are going to google and going to youtube looking for information about the candidates about the issues as this race unfolds so what we are looking at very broadly is what are the trends that pop up who are the candidates that keep coming up in searches as we move through this election cycle. >> before we get to candidates tell me what topics are trending most frequently. when you look at issues and this is true of dc and also other places across the nation it is the economy that just keeps coming back. it is top of the searches in terms of issues, ahead of social issues or things like immigration, national security even, when we are talking about economy searches we are looking
8:34 am
at unemployment, deficit, debt, bankruptcy things that keep coming back so gop candidates are out covering a lot of issues back home this is the one that people are searching on. >> okay of the republican candidates who leads in the searches in each of the super tuesday states. >> well, we looked across all 10 in 9 of them rick santorum searches are out in front, it is just idaho, mitt romney is leading in terms of searches we have seen rick santorum's search interest build over the last few weeks but just because some body is being searched on doesn't necessarily mean they are getting support of the people searching so, somethings we are looking at, what are related terms people are putting in when someone is searching for a candidate like mitt romney what are the things they are putting alongside his name are they positive or negative those always yield interesting results. >> so you are able to
8:35 am
characterize a search as being positive or negative. >> somethings we can look at in terms of what people are putting in ron paul gets a lot of popular searches he leads in terms of positive searches things like, neutral or positive things like how many delegates does ron paul have people looking for a ron paul rally as you move through candidates though, rick santorum and mitt romney tend to have more negative issues coming up around them for example, comments about colleges and cadillacs that have recently come up in the news, we see them come up in searches people want to know what was said. >> nationally how do candidates rank in terms of percentages of searches. >> we are looking at it in terms of related searches against each other all the time so that is how we do it we look
8:36 am
at the four gop candidates and look who is ahead and who is behind, and then we are also, we can look at president barack obama as well and see how he is gauging, as he is a sitting president very popular in searches continually the other thing we are looking at on youtube which videos really resonate from the two sides in terms of the gop we have seen more than 40 million hits, for the gop official candidate videos so far this cycle and we are still many many months away. >> so you are seeing 40 million hits for republican videos overall, and we are talking about videos that the campaigns release, commercials that type of thing. >> it is the videos the campaigns release themselves pretty interesting figure considering that a couple cycles ago there wasn't even youtube now the candidates own campaign ads, they are eventually putting online have
8:37 am
been viewed to the tune of 10s of millions of times voters this interested in the race they want to go out and find out more information about the campaign now that is the gop candidates in terms of the most viewed, candidate video of all time on youtube that is from then candidate barack obama actually a video of him going on the ellen degenres show and dancing which got something like 11 million hits and still gets hits to this day. >> so that is kind of amusing out of all the videos of political ads this is the number one candidate obama dancing on the ellen degenres show abbey thank you very interesting information as you point out does not mean that will translate into support or both, we will see how things go on super tuesday. thank you very much. >> thank you. 8:37 a.m. right now monday morning up next we will reveal our job of the day that is perfect for ice
8:38 am
cream lovers. >> all right then find out how much dc made off drivers last year in the form of parking tickets. >> stay with us we will be back it is 8:38 a.m. 
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
the district set an all time high the city made more than $92 million in parking ticket revenue in the last fiscal year. yep, $12 million more than fiscal year 2010 and the new numbers don't include the tickets people did not pay. parking meters now run later into the night than they used to which accounts for some gain. >> another thing costing drivers a whole lot of money gas these days prices at the pump continue to creep up according to triple-a the average price per gallon of regular unleaded is 3 .8 6, 87 make that sorry in dc, and 3.64 virginia. >> went up a penny while you were talking. >> yep. if you are look for a new job to help fill up your gas tank our job of the day is with ben and gerry looking for a marketing and special events director for more on this job and others go to click on the job shop tab on top of our home page.
8:42 am
it is now 8:41 a.m. on monday morning whether it is your job or love life easy to get stuck in a rut. >> author of range your life in 60 seconds or less says you can get unstuck and create the live you want in no time -- life you want in in time at all. after that we will check with holly morris who is back from maternity leave. >> good morning i am back with a special guest i am waiting for him to come around the corner now hello sir it is the ambassador of hungary and he does a morning bike ride every morning just to stay ship shape he invited us into his home this morning he is coming in now we are heading up to the kitchen his chef is preparing breakfast because, it is time for the annual embassy chef challenge we will tell you all about that special event and how you can get an international taste yourself coming up live next fox 5 morning news stay with us  [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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working for you? our next guest says you can start taking control and making changes in less time it will take me to read this introduction. 60 seconds, elle swan is a motivational speaker, author her book is called elevate change your life in 60 seconds or less. she shows some roadblocks put in our own way and how to manoeuvre it is a pleasure to meet you. >> good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> i love it the book the cover itself manges me happy you know this big smile you have on your face and reading it and seeing where you went before you got back to you. >> yes. >> can you tell us a little bit just about your journey and what you detail in the book. >> the bottom line is i over dosed in an abandoned van in las vegas sorry i live in las vegas now in los angeles, it was undiagnosed depression, i had a great career, as a
8:47 am
journalist in new york i used alcohol to make myself feel better, that triggered a genetic code in me a lot of people are medicating how they feel which is why i wrote this book you can shift emotionally without taking something else we have seen a lot of celebrities falling prey to this,. >> it is not even -- you had this life and then that happened and now you are back so it is really not that it makes it any more tragic no one is destined for failure, but you started off this way and a part of it you said my mother would kill me if she could see me. >> yes, i came from a good family grandfather, everybody graduated from college very hard working and when they saw what happened to me they were very embarrassed and disappointed but they said you have to fix that on your own for three years i was sober and my mom when i would come visit she would still keep her pocketbook out of the living room because when you reach
8:48 am
that level you have to build trust with people again and it took time. >> look at you now. >> now i am better than i was before. >> for those watching let me ask you this who is this book for? it is not just for people -- >> no, i don't even work with people that have those issues i suggest you go to places that specialize in helping you get clean and sober this book is for people who are stuck we are living in a time where there is more mediocrity in this country than ever before people's spirits are broken the economy is broken they forget this is the country that was built on entrepreneurial ship, people being creative and pulling themselves up by their boot straps if you are stuck, if you are 40 years old and a woman and feeling oh, my god i don't know what to do if you shall stuck this book is for -- if you are stuck this book is for you >> i could talk for a half hour. i am going to get to these tips
8:49 am
you passed on and show the viewer you say these are things not to do any more stop blaming yourself, stop wishing the situation was fixed yesterday, stop blaming others for your lifestyle choices, and stop imagining the situation will magically fix itself. >> right. >> these are powerful points. >> we are sitting and by theling our thumbs about the economy, looking for new candidates and saying well, what is going to happen what is going to happen the people that decide something is going to hansom thing is going to happen for them in this time in the country you can't wait for someone else to do it for you government policies and situations are not intact any more we are losing that type of assistance. you have to decide, i have created a 3 step system that could take you from the gutter to where i am now travelling the world, if i could pull myself up out of eating out of a trash can, you can change the way you are living.
8:50 am
get the book take full responsibility with what you are facing rid yourself of the things getting in your way realize change will be a challenge accept you can change your circumstance through a plan through action and understand what happens in your day today life is within your power to change. >> absolutely. when you recognize you have the power then that is when you can make the change and associations are key our friends that we are talking to that really are hating life too we want to move away from those, get away from people, places and things, that is how you are going to rise and elevate chef >> that is how it starts in 60 seconds. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> pick up elevate on change your life in 60 seconds or less, this is elle swan you are fantastic. >> thank you for having me. >> quite a story all right thank you both very much. >> annual embassy chef challenge going on this thursday, holly morris is at the residence of the ambassador
8:51 am
of hungary to preview the event. >> since we are in his home it is fitting i introduce you to his excellent is he here this morning good morning to you. >> good morning. >> quick change out of your bike gear into your business wear. >> yes, i had to change very quickly i didn't know you start so early. >> now do you ride every morning in the neighbourhood? >> not every morning but as much as i can. really good exercise >> good for you what a great example. thank you for letting us come into your beautiful home you have been the ambassador for 13 months. >> yes. >> how has that been? >> very busy. very busy we have a lot of activities with the state department, cultural activities, you know the hungarian americans here, many hungarian americans in the washington area and united states i have been travelling to many places, and talk at universities. pretty good schooling here
8:52 am
yale. >> yes we often don't get to come into an ambassadors home this is what you call your oval office. >> yes,. >> now do you work in here? >> yes, i do work but my computer is upstairs. >> where the real work is done. >> you have a special picture. >> yes, two american journalists that hungary from the prisons just after they had been liberated, and freed and they had given me this as souvenir. >> you have a lot of things that surround you here from your country and about your country what would you like people to know most about hungary. >> one thing is the culinary and the other is cultural and
8:53 am
you might be able to see later on we have at the embassy we have a rock band, with actually before they go to work they have to rehearse because on may 4th, there will be a concert. >> let me get this straight you are an ambassador that allows a rock band to rehearse before 8:00 a.m. in the morning. >> yes. >> that is a pretty cool bam bass door. >> what do neighbors thing about that. they don't hear it. >> we have the chef for the ambassador already working this morning first of all chef, what does this ambassador like to eat for breakfast. week day, breakfast time, fruit and yoghurt and cell cellery. >> on the weekend real heavy hungarian food.
8:54 am
what are you fixing up for us. this, my grandfather was a prime minister in hungary in the 19th century this food coming from his family name. >> this is my great grand father, prime minister given to him by the children and this is a picture of the family from 1890 to 1892 and this is -- >> you know what i think is so cool you actually use all this stuff some times we have special pretty things like that we don't use them here you are serving it up what kind of chef is he? >> very good. he was second last year, maybe this year he will be even better. >> and the reason that we are here is because of the embassy chef challenge going on put on by cultural tourism dc ambassadors have their personal chefs we the public often don't get to taste harry seen.
8:55 am
thursday march 8th, gosh cuisine, thursday march 8th, ronald regan building. we have more chefs coming to cook some food up for us. >> the ambassador says it is okay. >> so shall it be. there is something to celebrate in college park this morning we are talking about this. >> the latest on the nfl bounty case,ic solving a former red skins coach -- involving a former red skins coach 
8:56 am
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good morning i am allison seymour. i am tony perkins. at 9:00 a.m., focussing on war
8:59 am
and peace president obama turns his attention to iran as he meets with israel's prime minister and asks for patience and restraint. doug luzader is live with what we can expect from that meeting. >> rush limbaugh's controversial comments costing him the latest advertiser to cut ties. >> gas prices close to $4 a gallon when will increases stop. we are taking a look at what is behind the spike and how long it will stick around. >> later holly is back she is learning new cuisines, we will check with her for a preview of this year's embassy chef challenge. >> before we get to that, we turn our attention to tucker barnes who tells us it is snowing in parts of our viewing area. >> you got it in fact, enough snow to cover the ground in some spots and they already have more than an inch of snow, something interesting, let's look, there is your radar quick moving little clipper system, all be through by early afternoon you canee


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